Trip to Cherrapunji – Romance in the Clouds

I got a call from a friend the night before we headed out and i didn’t take it seriously as so many plans had failed before and it could have been just a spur of the moment thing. The next morning at 7, my doorbell rang. I had just started sleeping(it was a Saturday morning) when i opened the door to find my friends in full adventure gear smiling ear to ear. Dazed, confused and excited, I grabbed my stuff, said goodbye to my cat, and my long awaited trip to Cherrapunjee or, the Living root bridge in particular, was finally happening! We cramped ourselves, five of us, in one car and you could feel the testosterone levels of five super excited guys shooting through the small vehicle. The first few hours of a road trip are indeed the most intense!

Now, one of the best part, as ive heard multiple times, about a Cherra trip is the journey and I was not disappointed. We went from Shillong so it was just about a two and a half hour drive; but due to the aforementioned beauty of the landscape that was just everywhere, we might have took about an extra hour or so stopping and taking pictures whenever we could. The meandering road took us through magnificient cliff faces, rolling hillocks and dense forests and rivers. It was like one huge Nat Geo documentary in 3D. If Meghalaya is called the ‘Scotland of the East’, then Cherrapunjee is the Loch Ness. It felt as if we were entering another mystical realm and I couldnt care less about the report that was due on Monday!
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Cherrapunji is a small town located 54 kms east of Shillong. Known most widely for being the wettest (rainiest) place on earth, Cherrapunji has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the North-east India — not because of the rain however, but for its waterfalls, living root bridges, monoliths, caves and the journey en route to this magical land.

While travelling to Cherrapunji is as much about the destination, it is also very much about the journey. Have you ever walked among the clouds? You will when you travel to Cherrapunji. The green grasses and the pine trees that line the winding roads, the clouds above and below you, the air so fresh it makes you forget about your city worries — these are only some of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences you will meet when you visit Cherrapunji.

Cherrapunji (or Cherrapunjee) is known locally and officially as Sohra. It is about 2 – 3 hours drive from Shillong. It is inhabited by the War-Khasi people. While the local inhabitants speak the Khasi language, English and Hindi are also widely popular, thanks to the increasing number of tourists.
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